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United to provide COVID-19 tests to customers on San Francisco-Hawaii flights


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Dec 3, 2017
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(Reuters) - United Airlines said on Thursday customers traveling from San Francisco to Hawaii would have the option to take a rapid COVID-19 test at the airport or a self-collected, mail-in test ahead of their trip, starting from Oct. 15.

Customers who test negative on either test will not be subjected to the state’s 14-day quarantine requirement, United said.

Airlines are pinning hopes on pre-flight COVID-19 tests as an alternative to quarantines that have decimated travel demand.
This could be a windfall or all concerned. The 14-day quarantine requirement for people visiting HI was killing tourism & the airline was suffering lack of ridership as a result.

My wife & I visited Maui some years ago & I was disappointed overall. The flight from Honolulu to Mai arrived just as the rental car place was closing after dark. Then I had a harrowing hour's drive on a dark road to get to the hotel, which was oversold. That's no way to start a vacation.
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