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United States Government Simulation


Houston Ambrose

We're looking for other political aficionados at USGovsim.com . Thought you might be interested.

Since 2000, USGovsim has been the top government simulation on the Internet. Players across the nation compete in elections and on the Congressional floor to reach their goals of holding office and to press forward their ideas for improving the nation.

In this game you are a politician, thus your goal is not just to debate and propose bills. Your goal is also to remind the people from the region you represent why they should always vote for you. If this means switching party lines, voting against what you truly believe in, or being somebody you aren’t, then that is what you must do. It IS intriguing, and if you join this game and vote for bills you like but your state does not, you will rarely do well. Why? Because the American people want a charismatic and upstanding representative of their collective ideals; they dont want an extremist radical who wants to let everybody own a tank, or abolish the government. This game is unique in its demand for players’ accountability to their constituents. This game is about true politics: The ones who can adapt and moderate their issues win, the ones who cannot... well... they don't survive...

USGovsim remains the only successful game to incorporate aspects of the House of Representatives, the Senate, state Governorships, the Presidency, Vice Presidency, and the Supreme Court. Other govsims either focus on only one part of the government, or are a cheap knockoff of our creation. If you’re looking for a game to play that is a full and fair representation of the United States government, check out USGovsim.com!
very original idea I might check it out.

The man you're looking for is NYU he knows his politics, I'd elect him.
Arch Enemy said:
very original idea I might check it out.

The man you're looking for is NYU he knows his politics, I'd elect him.
I certainly wouldn't.
Almost joined something like this before. Will not name competitor, but the other seemed much much bigger than the self claimed 'top' simulation game.

Seeing how I cannot view the forums as a guest - I have no interest.

I hope you actually become a participator here and not just another advertiser. ;)
Copy/paste job. Had there not been any responders to this thread it would have been deleted.

Good luck.
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