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Unemployment News


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Oct 15, 2010
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December will be a stark month for over 15 million people facing a cut-off of all federal EUC and EB unemployment benefits. This includes all tiers: I,II,II,IV & V participants.

These unemployment benefits will remain cut off until Congress reauthorizes them. Therefore it becomes imparitive for those affected by this action to quickly address their own members of Congress and ask them to reauthroize all EUC and EB unemployment benefits during the lame duck session.

One more thing, with unemployment levels as high as they presently are today and projected to continue at least until 2012, we can no longer assume unemployed people are misfits who refuse to work or can't find jobs for themselves. We must realize this is a unique situation that requires emergency, out-of-the-party-box solutions. Unless the U.S. Congress acts, millions of Americans and their families will become wards of the state, especially the elderly poor, those out of work between the ages of 55 and 63.

To quickly find your Congressional District, Congressional representatives and their contact information, please go to my new interactive Congressional map site: The Unemployed Voice. It's free. But please, please pass this message on.

But remember:

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