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Underwater Fire Bugs

Haha. His new videos are even better.

YouTube - Part 1 of 11 - Super Bugs In The Gulf Transform Steel Into Reptile Head! MUST SEE!

"When I kept noticing the different transformations of the original cap, I began thinking that these bugs were going out and collecting DNA from different fish and reptiles and coming back to the cap they had made into a huge nest and they were then transforming the metal with what ever DNA they had collected..."


"Trust me I realize how crazy this all sounds but please be aware that I am in full control of my faculties. You see it for yourself with your own eyes, there is no denying what this is doing, it is complete with nostrils and ridges on its head and gill like looking things on the sides and you can clearly see the bugs flying in and out!"

This guy still makes like 5 vids a week on average.

I want some of what he is smoking.
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