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Understand The Founding Father's Views on Government And American Revolutionary War


Sep 23, 2005
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I think I would like to write commentary on the founding fathers views on government. Essientially, government, was viewed as a necessary evil. Necessary so that people may have their personal and property rights protected, evil, because of the potential that government could turn tyrannical and violate the personal and property rights of the people that it is supposed to protect. The founding fathers understood the concept that government is the enemy of freedom, yet it was still needed. So, they came up with the Article of Confederation, which proved too weak and ineffective out of fear if they made government stronger, it may seize too much power and become tyrannical. The founding fathers threw off the rule of England through the force of arms and much of what was written in the Constitution today was to right the wrongs committed at the hands of the English Crown.

The ideals of the American Revolutionary War was to overthrow a perceived tyrannical government through the use of force and to replace it with a new government that had alot of checks and balances to make tyranny a much more difficult possibility. The "shot heard round the world" was percieved by the entire world as a people taking the future into their own hands rather than allowing their government to control their lives. The right to keep and bear arms was included in the US Constitution was a last resort means of the people to use force from a potentially future tyrannical government so that hopefully, the people would be assured a means to resist tyranny and to assure the freedom of the people. It was, afterall, the method the founding fathers used to throw off the British government. The founding fathers understood, that when given the opportunity to seize more power, the government will sieze it and use it to further it's natural tendancy to rule through tyranny, fear and oppression. Thomas Jefferson stated that when government fears the people you have freedom but when the people fear government you have tyranny. Which category do you think Thomas Jefferson would think we fall into today if he were to see how things were today? In the views of the founding fathers, government was a necessisity but also an entity or organization to be feared and to be kept in check by the people themselves.
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