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Underage str8t teens sent to homosexual boot camp


Jul 11, 2005
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"Diversity" has become a homosexual recruitment code word for implementing the homosexual agenda in the schools. The National Education Association (NEA) passes a resolution every year endorsing "diversity" education, and the text of the resolution makes clear that it means "acceptance" of differences in sexual orientation.

Last week the school board in Provincetown, Mass. voted to begin educating preschoolers about homosexual lifestyles, according to an article in theWashington Times. The board also decided in favor of hiring preferences for "sexual minorities," a move that puts Provincetown on the cutting edge of the homosexual agenda. "We are on a trailblazing path," said Susan Fleming, superintendent of Provincetown schools. "We are going to be a change agent."

The NEA is against homeschool programs and "if homeschool study occurs...instruction should be by persons who are licensed by the appropriate state agency...(with a) curriculum approved by the state" so the student receives approved "diversity" training, no doubt. (Resolution C-34, 1988).

"Funds must be provided for programs to alleviate race, gender and sexual orientation discrimination and to eliminate portrayal of race, gender and sexual orientation stereotypes in the public schools." In other words, the taxpayers should fund programs that promote homosexuality as a moral superior to normal sexuality and suppress traditional father-mother roles in the curriculum. (Resolution A-13, 1996).

news item: A federal lawsuit filed Feb. 15 alleges that middle and high school students in Boyd County Public Schools -- a school district in Kentucky -- are forced to participate in diversity training, are told homosexuality cannot be changed and are warned not to say otherwise. Parents are not given an opt-out option for their children, according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit, filed by the pro-family legal group Alliance Defense Fund on behalf of three families who have children in the county, claims that the school's policy violates the students' free speech and religious liberty rights. The suit also alleges a constitutional due process violation because the parents have no say.

The lawsuit was filed against the Boyd County Board of Education.

"There is a specific attempt by the school to change the belief system of these students, who believe that the Bible teaches ... that homosexuality can be changed," Kevin Theriot, an attorney with the Alliance Defense Fund, told Baptist Press.

Allegedly, students are prohibited from telling homosexual students they can become heterosexual.

A video is involved in the tolerance training, the lawsuit alleges. Although the video deals with several issues, the focus is on homosexuality, Theriot said.

"It makes comparisons between a homosexual individual to someone who was born with a disability and is therefore in a wheelchair -- it's something that they cannot change," Theriot said. "The video also specifically says that if a student speaks out against homosexuality to a student who says that they're homosexual, that that is against school policy and would be considered harassment and the student would be punished."

More examples of heteosexual kids being forced to attend homosexual boot camps, AND paid for with taxpayers dollars:



Here is a partial list of homosexual boot camp indoctrination propaganda for homosexual teachers to recruit children:


"Diversity" has become a homosexual recruitment code word for implementing the homosexual agenda in the schools.

Hrmm....This sure does sound familiar. Not to worry, we are collecting evidence.
I was thinking the exact same thing vauge..
What are you talking about?
Oh, wait a minute, I have read through some older posts...let me guess.....all us conservatives use the same language, so if I paste the opening sentence from an explanation I agree with from a website not even using my own initial words, because it is identical to political opinions shared by so many, it will be attributed to a banned member if the liberals and homosexual don't like it, so my prediction is they will soon silence me and attempt to justify their blatant political cleansing with this:

I have banned (insert member to be politically cleansed here) permanently as it was a sockpuppet for currently suspended member. If that is incorrect, he/she may email us to plead his/her case.(/quote)

Have I got this about figured out now? I guess we will just have to wait and see.....seems to be the standard modus operandi for the terminally anti-heterosexual...maybe the website does not welcome all political beliefs after all?

Debate Politics is a place for everyone regardless of alignment. This forum is to discuss current news, media bias, us politics, and strategies within political parties. Our forum does not have an agenda or overall political bias other than the quest for knowledge.

Perhaps unless you oppose the homosexual agenda.....like I said, we'll see.....
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Dude, you're a major homophobic, bigoted Nazi bible thumper!

Oh, and learn to use perl commands while you're at it you hate filled moron!
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No, the point is that you sound, not like him, but exactly like him. This would be account number three. This is how you tell unless the person is using a proxy server. You go into the ACP and then go to the members options link. From there, you put in the members name, and then cross reference it to other names. To make it complete, you try all three accounts.

But you sound exactly like him. The homosexual agena to the boot camp (which technically it isn't) are exact wording he would use. Welcome to Debate Politics.
Well, I guess the solution is to censor anyone who thinks and speaks alike, right?
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