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Under Water Commercial Propery Jingle Mail (1 Viewer)


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Jun 21, 2007
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How many local banks are involved with CMBS? How many banks will fail before 2011? Have 290 Banks already failed in the last 18 Months? What are the possible solutions open to Governments, if too many more banks start to fail? How many commercial property managers are upside down, under Water? Are there any small banks with commercial mortgages that have an answer for Commercial Building owners that stop making payments, and mail the bank the keys to the building? Jingle Mail?

Are there any small banks that could take steps to avoid jingle mail, but don't see the writing on the wall?

"Owners of commercial property have an easier time walking away than homeowners because commercial mortgages are typically nonrecourse. That means the biggest penalty for walking away is the forfeiture of assets and cash flow they may generate.

Whether landlords walk away from properties often depends on the lender. In recent years, most projects were financed by the use of commercial-mortgage-backed securities, or CMBS, which are effectively bundles of mortgages sold as bonds to thousands of investors. Restructuring debt with scores of bondholders is more difficult than with banks."

Commercial Property Owners Choose to Default - WSJ.com
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Commmercial property prices rose slightly from Jan to June, 2010, but are still less than in 2007-2008


Moody's Commercial Property values index shows leveling the fall for 2010:


Are ther bigger plans with Bilderberg and Illuminists for World Government?





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Shouldn't this thread be in the conspiracy theory forum?

So your point is that commercial property values are actaully increasing, but you offer no statistics or analysis Links?

The Illuminsts were mentioned as I did some searching for reports on commercial real estate valuations, and Bank Failures.

Your point is that Bank Failures occur form normal circumstances, and no possible World Government advocate influences, or financial bond manipulations?

What is the bill number of the US bill to convert IRA's to Treasury Bonds?

Will the United States Government Seize Your Retirement Accounts? | Bonds Market


The bill I was thinking of would require all tax exempt retirement funds to purchase US treasury bonds, with 15%, 30% or 40 percent of their assets.

Here is a conspiracy thread I started on the Economics of the BP Oil Spill


Conspiracies are not part of Economics? The Federal Reserve and Treasurey are transparent?

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"Trillion-dollar deficits as far as the eye can see are not going down well with voters. The president has plans for even more big spending. The Chinese have said there's not enough money in the world to finance U.S. debt. Already, the annual federal deficit is being financed by selling 80 percent of the Treasury notes and bonds – to the Federal Reserve! Obama needs lots of real money, and he needs it now.
According to the Labor and Treasury Departments, draft federal regulations will be published for public comment as soon as next week which would "promote" the conversion of 401(k) and IRA accounts to annuities. Make no mistake here: Obama is after your retirement money. The "annuities" will "invest" not in the familiar packages of bond and stock mutual funds but in the Treasury debt! "

Obama is After Your 401K & IRA to Finance Treasury Debt

Obama is After Your 401K & IRA to Finance Treasury Debt

Hmmm. Your link is to a source that most would not think of as especially credible. In fact, just my impression, but if you think that's an authoritative source, then you are quite gullible.

Just my opinion. YMMMV.
Hmmm. Your link is to a source that most would not think of as especially credible. In fact, just my impression, but if you think that's an authoritative source, then you are quite gullible.

Just my opinion. YMMMV.

I searched Thomas, but could not find the bill. The Search on Thomas is not real helpful. I suspect that there is a Bill that has been introduced, so the source of accuracy would be in the language of a bill, to require retirement funds to purchase a certain percentage of US Treasurey Bonds. There are a number of bills that have been prepared, but not intruduced.

How about a Bill to nationalize US Banks? Is that written, and sitting on someone's desk?

My AZ house is near the loop 101/Grand ave. intersection. We use the Loop a lot, and for years I watched 2 types of building going up that didn't make sense. One was apartment buildings, and I could see some logic in those. Apartments near downtown were getting converted to townhouses so those who worked downtown could have an easy commute. So, replacement apartments were needed, even if they had to be built out in the connected communities. BUT, they overbuilt in a big way and aren't getting the tenants they expected, even with incentives.
Likewise commercial buildings, and I saw no logic there. The Phoenix area already had empty commercial property all over the place. A few blocks from my house is a brand new industrial park, with only 3 or 4 of about 90 units occupied.

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