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UNAMID Exit and Soft Diplomacy


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Oct 17, 2012
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The African Union Peace and Security Council (AUPSC) has extended for an additional period of 12 months the mandate of the African Union United Nations Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) and called for the resumption of talks on an exit strategy.

The AUPSC said it approved the extension of the UNAMID mandate for a further period of 12 months in a meeting held on 22 June, and requests the UN Security Council to do the same"

The United Nations Security Council is expected to meet on 29 June to discuss and endorse the renewal of the hybrid operation for one year. The UNAMID mandate expires on 30 June.

The decision praised the work done by the AU-UN-Sudan working group to develop an exit strategy emphasizing that such plan can facilitate a gradual and phased hand-over of UNAMID’s mandated tasks to the Sudanese government and the UN country team, without prejudice to the security and humanitarian situation in Darfur.

The AUPSC called for the early resumption of consultations between the AU, the UN and the Government of Sudan on the development of an exit strategy for UNAMID. We believe that the AUPSC resolution is a compromise decision that defuses the crisis on the under consideration UNAMID exit strategy.

This will lead to smooth kick-off the deliberations on the developments on the ground after the considerable improvement in the humanitarian situations in Darfur.

Ending UNAMID mandate is not any easy task, but it is not impossible. What is required now is to prepare early with the AU for the UNAMID exit strategy through drawing the attention of the UN to the improvement of the situations on the ground and that could only be done by soft diplomacy considering that the AU has laid the foundations of the required diplomatic work to bring an end to the UNAMID troops in Darfur by approving the under-consideration exit strategy.

The upcoming stage should witness utilizing the relations between the government and the AU in the UNAMID dossier because as we said the mission is not easy and requires professional diplomatic effort based on the causes of establishing the UNAMID and its mandate.
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Apr 18, 2013
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Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir (indicted for genocide) wants both UN monitors and AU peacekeeping forces out of Darfur so he can resume ethnic cleansing.
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