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UN Independent Human Rights expertlooks into Rebels' Violations


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Oct 17, 2012
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The Independent Expert and Special Rapporteur on Human Rights Situation in Sudan, Prof. Masood Badrein affirmed that his visit to North Kordofan State aimed to stand on impacts of the aggression that carried out by so-called Revolutionary Front against areas of Allah Kareem, Um Rawaba and Abu Karshola and to inspect the humanitarian situation there on the ground.

In a statement to SUNA, Prof. Masood said that there is cooperation with Sudan for bolstering its role in the field of human rights.

It is to be mentioned that Independent Expert met during his visit to North Kordofan state, the Acting Wali (governor) of North Kordofan, Engineer Mahil Mohammed Awad, in the presence of his government members, where Mahil welcomed the visit of the expert in the current circumstances.

He affirmed the state's readiness to facilitate the expert mission and to provide the required information.
On his side, the Minister of Health in North Kordofan and head of the hosting and sheltering committee for the displaced who moved from Abu Karshola to Al-Rahad town, Dr. Ismail Bushara, has briefed the Independent Expert on the tasks of the committee and the efforts exerted to host them and providing them with shelter, food and health services.
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