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Ulsterman's White House Insider Dishes Dirt on Obama


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Jul 31, 2010
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This is almost certainly a hoax, and I wanted to bring it to everybody's attention. A blogger calling himself Ulsterman has published a number of articles such as this one claiming that there is a White House insider who can verify that there is a scandal about to come out that will bring Obama down. This "insider" makes further allegations that Pelosi is willing to work to eliminate Obama from running again in 2012 and that Hillary will take over with a group of Democrats secretly banding together to save the party and destroy Obama.

I'm sure it's great fun for people to believe this stuff, but it's almost certainly a hoax. The writer identifies himself as Ulsterman and seemingly has no credentials. He writes for Triond, a blogging service that pays you based on advertising revenue generated from the traffic your content brings in. So the more people who read Ulsterman's content and click on the ads, the more money he makes. It's a service for bloggers who need to make extra income through writing. It's basically the bottom of the barrel. The specific website with these articles on them, Newsflavor, is just the news site of the Triond network, but Ulsterman also writes about sports and whatever else for the other websites.

So this may not sound very interesting to you, but a ton of people have gotten sucked into these articles and believe that they are genuine. There are hundreds of comments like this one: Ok. I think the insider is right again. You doubters are still following Obama blindly. Open your eyes. THese reports are teh clues to what is gonna happen next. They have been right over and over again.

I just feel bad for people who read this crap and believe that it's true. Don't get sucked in by this garbage. As a writer, it took me three seconds to see that these articles are fake. People don't talk the way this "insider" describes things. It's so obviously made up. Alright, that's all. Just wanted to get on record. Stay on your toes and don't believe everything you read.

Oh, and the reason I found these articles in the first place is that somebody on this forum posted a link believing it to be genuine. Apparently, even smart people are getting tricked by this. Don't fall for it.
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