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Ukrainine son talks to his Russian father, who does not believe that there is a war action in the Ukraine.


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Jul 19, 2014
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This is an interview with a person who is in Ukraine when he was talking with his father in Russia. The media in Russia is giving misinformation about what is happening in the Ukraine, and the father did not believe the son when the son talked about the invasion and the bombing. To me, this shows the importance of an independent free press that is not controlled by the state. I also believe that the news conglomerates are too big, and have gotten too much into giving opinion rather than the straight reporting of events. There are basically 6 companies that provide the news for the US.

Here is the interview from the person who could not convince his father about the Ukrainian war

And, here is an old article from 2012 that showed 90% of news information in the USA is controlled by just 6 companies

In my opinion, we have to get back to the 1983 levels where 90% of the media was controlled by 50 companies, rather than just 6. If nothing else, this shows how controlling the media can control people's opinion through use of misinformation. It also goes back to Mark Twains observation that it is far easier to fool people than it is to convince people that that have been fooled.
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