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Ukrainian Maj Serhiy Volyna appeals to the Pope!


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Sep 4, 2021
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Apparently wars are matters too important to be left up to comedians and senile heads of state. :) When the whole Christendom stands aside as the Armies of Putin the Terrible beseige Mariupol, it is time to kick things up to the Pope. Beseiged Maj Serhiy Volyna, a Ukrainian Marine Commander, or Commandant has bested Xelensky. Xelensky has addressed just about every Parliament on earth to no avail. The only Parliament left that Xelensky has not addressed is the Russian Duma, for good reasons. But Xelensky, for some strange reason has overlooked the power of the Papacy. The Pope just has to stamp his feet and a Armies of Crusaders will rise from West Minster, Paris, Berlin and Warsaw to free Mariupol from the grip of the Terrible Putin.

It has been done before. Maj Serhiy Volyna just has to remind Pope Francis that he must walk in the shoes of his predecessor Pope Urban II. His Holiness Urban II issued the call and thousands marched to the east. And a little to the south of Mariupol.

Should the Pope call a Crusade to take on Putin?

Ukraine marine commander tells pope Mariupol is ‘hell on earth’​

BY KELSEY CAROLAN - 04/18/22 2:30 PM ET


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Oct 8, 2017
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Somebody needs to take on Putin.
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