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UK will not be involved in military action against Syria


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May 14, 2009
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The UK Parliament has just voted and by a narrow majority has voted not to be involved in military action in Syria. Yes 272 No 285

I guess this does not change the situation for the Syrians though, just means the US will not wait. BBC News also announced tonight that the UN had said that it has loads of evidence and when it has the results it will be able to give a report which will make it apparent who was responsible - this obviously is different to what was said before.
Good for them. Hope our own congress feels the same.
Good for them. Hope our own congress feels the same.

In reality the vote was not even about being part of 'the willing'. It likely would have had a lot more no's if that had been the case. The vote was on coming back to Parliament and considering military action after the UN reports came in. After the vote came in Cameron accepted that the British people were not in favour of military intervention in Syria. Really good debate in Parliament before the vote.
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Wise move by the British. They know very well it could be catastrophic.
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