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U.S. releases Algerian man after 20 years at Guantánamo

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Mar 7, 2018
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From United Press International

April 2 (UPI) -- The United States sent a longtime prisoner of Guantánamo Bay back to his home country of Algeria, the Defense Department announced Saturday.

Sufiyan Barhoumi was captured in Pakistan in 2002 and transferred to Guantánamo shortly afterward, The New York Times reported. He was determined eligible for repatriation in 2016 but his case was one of several at the military prison delayed under former President Donald Trump's administration.

A government panel tasked with determining which Guantánamo prisoners are eligible for release ruled that "law of war detention of Mr. Barhoumi was no longer necessary to protect against a continuing significant threat to the national security of the United States," the Defense Department said in a press release.

In Algeria, Barhoumi will be "subject to security and humane treatment assurances" but the Defense Department did not specify which security measures Algeria will take as part of the repatriation agreement. Similar past arrangements with the country included travel restrictions.


The conviction rate for those that the US government incarcerated in Guantánamo has been a massive 0.25641%.

The "Law of War Detention" rules DO provide for the involuntary detention of suspected persons. HOWEVER, the conditions must NOT be akin to those in a "punitive" facility and the conditions in Guantánamo are MUCH more akin to those in a "Supermax" prison than they are to a "Pre-trial Detention" facility.

Not only that, but those who were released without charge (and especially those who were released without charge because there was no case against them [and even more particularly those who were released without charge because there was no case against them AND the accusations were actually proven to be false]) have no "unjust arrest/confinement" remedies since they were never actually in the court system in the first place.​
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