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U.S. begins withdrawing troops, equipment from Syria

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Mar 7, 2018
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From United Press International

U.S. begins withdrawing troops, equipment from Syria

an. 11 (UPI) -- The Pentagon began its troop withdrawal from Syria Friday, a move that will remove about 2,000 soldiers and a lot of military equipment from the country.

Coalition spokesman Col. Sean Ryan said Friday the U.S.-led alliance has begun the process of "deliberate withdrawal from Syria," but didn't give specific timelines, locations or troop movements.


I am so chagrined. I missed the announcement that Mr. Trump had gotten another Great Deal and had out negotiated the Turks to the point where they had guaranteed that they wouldn't attack the Kurds when the US withdrew its forces from Syria.

I do wonder where the article announcing that is. I mean, obviously, the left-wing, liberal, socialist, pinko, commie, so-called "Main Stream Media" completely suppressed it, but it must be out there somewhere.

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