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Two party challenge

Two Party Rule is being challenged. Look at Massachusetts, 2010. It was the cross over vote that elected Scott Brown.
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I believe its simple. We have a third option it isnt one we identify with.

Nevertheless it's viable and it has worked several times to produce monumental changes in the political landscape.1994-The republican revolution. 2008-the election of the First Black president.

When we see something unique that is in the best interests of the nation the national psyche acts like a third party.
My issue is it is this the," ability to collectively vote" using the core majority of centrist voters who are liberal and conservative and independent ; who see how out of touch Government has become. We can rein them in again by voting against the incumbet in this next mid term election in NOVEMBER. HISTORY is yours to make.

We can do this, the Publicratic response to the ,Two Party system will send a clear message to the partys that its time to tone down and shape up for the good of the country. We can still have our traditions of, Republican and Democrat. For one vote we speak together for the, sanctity of a notion to preserve an idea so profound that we alone enjoy its perpetuation and keep its light for the world. The idea is the right to govern ourselves.
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