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Twitter CEO Dorsey: ‘We Can’t Afford to Be Neutral Anymore’


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Dec 19, 2008
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In an interview with podcaster Sam Harris on February 5, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was grilled about the way “Twitter reliably lands on one side of the political divide.” Harris questioned Dorsey about Twitter’s decision to ban feminist Megan Murphy for tweeting “Men are not women,” while ignoring Rev. Louis Farrakhan’s anti-Semitic tweets.

Dorsey responded immediately to Harris’ questions, saying “I don’t believe that we can afford to take a neutral stance anymore. I don’t believe that we should optimize for neutrality.”

Harris commented that there was a “pervasive sense that [Twitter’s] response is biased politically.” He also remarked that it was odd that Twitter allowed the terrorist groups Hezbollah and Hamas to have accounts, but banned alt-right figures for life.

Twitter CEO Dorsey: ‘We Can’t Afford to Be Neutral Anymore’

He sang a different tune under oath to Congress.

He lied.

I wonder when they’re going to throw the book at this clown and then lock him up.
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