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Turkish forces hit Daesh targets in Aleppo: 45 DAESH Terrorists Killed.


Aug 11, 2015
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Turkish military has hit Daesh terrorist targets in northern Aleppo of Syria as the Daesh terrorists were making preparations for firing rockets.

As many as 45 Daesh terrorists were killed, five fire positions and mortar bomb were destroyed during the Turkish fire in the air operation conducted by coalition forces.

The operations were conducted in the Dudiyan, Chakka, Jariz, Baragidah, Kafrah, Kara Köprü and Yahmul regions.

Previously, as many as 28 Daesh terrorists were killed Wednesday night in separate operations by Turkish Armed Forces and US-led coalition forces.

Turkish forces hit Daesh targets in Aleppo

The co-operation between Turkey and the coalition gets results in their actions with no casualities.
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