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Tulip revolution Kyrgyzstan can be accepted as steadier place for strengthening “colo



As it turned out now, the clan of our former President, K. Bakiyev, has managed not only money that their supporters stolen from own people during his ruling of this country, but also the financial reserves that were left in the storage by their so-called color revolutions’ partners. I mean, of course, their Ukrainian and Georgian allies, who have surely considered that after so-called Tulip revolution Kyrgyzstan can be accepted as steadier place for strengthening “color democracy” than the very Ukraine or Georgia. And that is why, I think, Saakashvili and Tymoshenko have decided to transfer their skim money to accounts of the financially criminal structures that were under control of Maksim Bakiyev and such his co-partners as M. Nadel and E. Gurevich.
Well, now the only thing is interesting for me: how are these so-called allies going to split the money that, at first, were stolen from their national budgets, and then were saved by Bakiyev’s supporters through illegal taking them out of this country?
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