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Trump's popularity slips in latest Military Times poll and more troops say they'll vote for Biden (1 Viewer)


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The annual Military Times survey of active duty military personnel of all ranks and across all services finds Joe Biden leading Donald Trump in the military vote going into the election. Here's the summary result of the survey by Military Times and Syracuse Institute For Veterans And Military Families:

Who the troops say they'll vote for in November:

Biden: 41.3%
Trump: 37.4%
Third Party: 12.8%

Trump's popularity slips in latest Military Times poll and more troops say they'll vote for Biden

The latest Military Times poll shows a continued decline in active-duty service member's views of President Donald Trump and a slight but significant preference for former Vice President Joe Biden in the upcoming November election among troops surveyed. Among active-duty service members surveyed in the poll, 41 percent said they would vote for Biden, the Democratic nominee, if the election was held today. Only 37 percent said they plan to vote to re-elect Trump. Another 13 percent said they plan to vote for a third-party candidate, and nearly 9 percent said they plan on skipping the election altogether. About 40 percent of troops surveyed identified as Republican or Libertarian, 16 percent Democrats, and 44 percent independent or another party.

In the latest results based on 1,018 active-duty troops surveyed in late July and early August nearly half of respondents (49.9 percent) had an unfavorable view of the president, compared to about 38 percent who had a favorable view. Questions in the poll had a margin of error of up to 2 percent. Among all survey participants, 42 percent said they strongly� disapprove of Trump's time in office. "It's fair to say that Trump is not as popular as Republican nominees have been in the past among this group, said Peter Feaver, a White House adviser to former President George W. Bush who now works as a political science professor at Duke University. The bottom line is that in 2020, Trump can't be claiming to have overwhelming support in the military.�

Trump’s popularity slips in latest Military Times poll — and more troops say they’ll vote for Biden

The continued bad news for Trump in this survey of all ranks across the armed forces is the measly 38% "favorable" finding in their view of Trump. Fifty percent surveyed have an "unfavorable" view of Trump. Obama's highest favorable was 36% so Trump is the next lowest Potus in this ranking.

In December 42% were favorable toward Trump.

In November 2016 Trump's favorable was only 46%. This low favorable right from the beginning suggested that Trump being Trump he had nowhere to go except down. It has become a self fulfilling prophecy of a sort.

The annual survey by Military Times & Syracuse Institute for Veterans and Military Families is authorized by the Pentagon and is the only survey of the armed forces Pentagon supports. This is for the obvious reasons of the UCMJ and active duty military and politics. Pentagon does not confirm or deny any findings of the poll that also found 47% favored impeachment and 46% opposed it.
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It's astonishing that Trump has any support at all.

He refuses to publicly condemn Russia for putting bounties on American soldiers' heads.

Shift Military Funds to Wall:
The Trump administration plans to*sap money intended to build fighter jets, ships, vehicles and National Guard equipment in order to fund barriers on the U.S.-Mexico border,*the Pentagon told Congress on Thursday, a move certain to agitate Democrats headed into a new budget and spending cycle….The money will be drawn from a host of procurement accounts, many of which are popular on Capitol Hill. The move includes a cut of two Marine Corps*F-35B fighter jets*at a cost of $223 million; $100 million from the Army National Guard’s*Humvee modernization*program; $650 million cut from the Navy’s*amphibious assault ship*replacement; and $261 million from the Expeditionary Fast Transport ship. The reprogramming also trimmed two*Air Force C-130J transport aircraft*for a cut of $196 million and $180 million from the service’s light attack aircraft program.

General Mattis finally resigned in disgust after Trump decided to cut and run on our Kurdish allies.

General McRaven, Special Operations Command: "Your leadership, however, has shown little of these qualities. Through your actions, you have embarrassed us in the eyes of our children, humiliated us on the world stage and, worst of all, divided us as a nation."

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