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Trump's plan for dealing with Iran

Dittohead not!

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In his own words:

"Now I think that prohibition is great," he said in comments first reported by CBS. "But when we hand them $150 billion, we should take the prohibition off for a little while, don't you think? Let them buy from Rochester, New York. We don't care if they're from Iran, right?"

“We’ll sell them missiles that don’t work correctly, right? Let them sue us. Tell them to sue us. Oh, I’m sorry they don’t work. Gee, that’s too bad. We’ll take in about $12 billion for missiles and they’ll say these missiles are terrible. And I’ll say, ‘Yup, that was the purpose of it,’” said Trump.
I'm amazed Trump retains support. The more he talks the dumber everyone else gets.
I see he keeps repeating the misrepresentation we "gave" Iran 150 million. It was there money in the first place.
I see he keeps repeating the misrepresentation we "gave" Iran 150 million. It was there money in the first place.

Yes, it was of course, but the right wingers have to believe that Obama, Marxist Kenyan Muslim that he is, personally handed over 150 billion to Iran. If they lost that faith, their right winger cards would be nullified.
He'll sell them faulty missiles after announcing that he will sell them faulty missiles?

No wonder his "business skills" lead him to make less than if he'd simply invested in an index fund and took up painting. What a self-impressed idiot.....
"Ultimately, the victory of a US presidential candidate such as Ted Cruz or Donald Trump — both of whom are known in Iran as American versions of Ahmadinejad — is actually preferred by hard-liners in Iran, as it serves their interests. In fact, Iranian hard-liners continuously seek to find a way to make their case, often aided by remarks by US politicians such as Arkansas Republican Sen. Tom Cotton, to crush the moderates in Tehran."

Trump's Unlikely Iranian Fans - US News

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