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Trump U trick could bring down different Repubs



Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi is denying that a $25,000 gift from Donald Trump is in any capacity associated with her office's choice not to seek after activity against Trump University, in spite of many grumblings in Florida, her representative said.

Bondi, who embraced Trump in March, got the gift in 2013 by means of a political activity board of trustees raising cash for her re-race.

The gift originated from one of Trump's foundations six days after Bondi's then-representative told a journalist their office was "right now investigating the claims" against Trump University in a legal claim in New York, as indicated by inner messages that were among more than 8,000 pages of archives initially asked for by The Orlando Sentinel furthermore acquired by CNN.

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Dec 4, 2013
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Campaign contributions are not an indication of quid pro quo from a legal point of view. In reality, favors are the only reason large contributions are made.
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