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Trump Predictions (Jan 2019)

This is a personal blog post to keep track for myself (and publicly) to keep track of the predictions that I am very very sure of to see just how accurate or off base my thinking is regarding the Trump/Russia investigation. There seem to be some incredibly obvious things that are going to happen and I don't think it's required for me to start a thread or to pepper in my predictions on various threads. This seems easier and still allows people to tell me I'm crazy, and allows me the opportunity to track how accurate my thoughts/predictions are.

Almost certain predictions:

Roger Stone and Manafort will get pardons from Trump or his replacement if that should happen. Based on all the evidence that we have thus far, and all the indictments, and all of the possible charges waiting in the wings, these guys are both acting in a way that just screams "I'm protecting the president and expect him to return the favor."

If the Mueller report is publicly released, there will be testimony/evidence that Trump was fully aware of the Trump Tower meeting and that he dictated the false statement that it was originally about Russian adoptions before the emails came out. It will be interesting to see exactly how much evidence they have to show that he is lying about this, but there will almost certainly be some because it is such a painfully obvious lie, along with troubles regarding Don Jr's testimony about the meeting.

Evidence will be presented, and Don Jr will very likely be charged with lying to congress and possibly obstruction. He testified that he never told his father of the Trump Tower meeting even though he had phone calls with a private number before and after and his father is very widely known to use private numbers at almost all times. He testified that he wasn't sure if his father uses blocked numbers and that he couldn't remember who the phone calls were with or what they were about, but that he didn't tell his dad anything. It's such a painfully obvious lie that there will almost assuredly be some kind of evidence to show he's likely lying, the only question is if it's enough to prosecute him on it. I think it likely will be.

Trump will lose the general election in 2020 if he runs.

Less certain, but still probable:

William Barr, if sworn in, will not publicly release the Mueller Report and even block it from Congress even if subpoenaed for it. He will also issue many pardons to anyone and everyone related the scandal as Trump is leaving office in 2020 if not reelected, just as he did with Iran-Contra.

Not sure if Trump will be accused of crimes, it's very possible, but I'm pretty certain that loads of evidence will be presented of Trumps dubious actions that will certainly brush up against crimes like obstruction, witness tampering, perjury etc. The bar would have to be very high to indict a president even after he leaves office, and I'm not sure that they left enough evidence around to actually prosecute, but there will almost certainly be evidence of very questionable actions.

Trump will not run for reelection in 2020. He will likely issue an emergency declaration for wall funding and claim he did his job and not run. Pence might run in his place but not as sure of that.
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