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Trump phenomenon

Regardless of your partisan bent, I’m sure you realize that we are witnessing in real-time,
unprecedented political upheaval. The Trump Phenomenon is a historic political event
that will be hashed and rehashed by historians from now to eternity.

Not as exciting, Hillary Clinton is just an old Democrat crony running against Bernie Sanders, her only opponent.
Sander’s is the first, and probably the last Socialist to make a bid for the oval office.
In the real world, Socialism is an ancient economic system that has failed in every nation it prevailed.

On the flipside of the aisle is Donald Trump, an anti-establishment candidate who aspires to downsize government,
a Republican who refuses to kowtow to the leftist version of “political correctness”.
Let’s face it, Donald Trump is threatening to take away the establishment’s punchbowl, and they are scared to death!
In stark contrast to Hillary's one-trick pony, Donald Trump was pitted against “16” political opponents.
In spite of formidable odds, and despite false negatives spawned by the establishment-inspired media,
Donald became the presumptive nominee before Hillary Clinton, who’s still slugging it out with her Socialist opponent.
American’s remained steadfast in their conviction and it’s plain to see that the ‘silent majority’ is not so silent anymore.
Like they say in the stock market: “Trends tend to persist”. In a recent match-up poll, Donald beat Hillary by 3 points,
and the Trump Train still has another half-year to roll. Enjoy the ride ;-)
Apr 7, 2016
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Palatine, IL
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Very Conservative
The Trump train is the last one out of the morass. If we miss it, the U.S. experiment will enter its final phase of morphing into a third-world multicultural insolvent hellhole with its national identity stripped and gone, and English - a minority language.

The prototypes: California, Illinois, and Michigan.
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