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Trump PAC Fundraiser for New "Trump Force One" Following Emergency Landing


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Dec 18, 2020
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The Grifter is continuing to grift. Although TFG implies that these donations will be used to build a new plane, which no one, not even Fake News, knows about, clicking on a tab to look at the new plane shows no plane but it does give his cultists the opportunity to donate, even weekly, to his PAC (which he will then presumably skim for his new plane).

What a bilionaire!! Next, he'll probably promise photos of his new gold toilet (because the old one choked up on all those papers he tried to flush down it) to get people to click on the page asking for money.

This happened within hours of his ride to Mar A Lago from New Orleans on the donated plane which was cancelled due to an engine catching fire. Never let some news go to waste when it can be used to feather his nest.

Like I said, "What a billionaire!"
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