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Trump makes multiple false claims about Covid-19 relief as he signs executive actions


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Dec 3, 2017
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Fact check: Trump makes multiple false claims about Covid-19 related relief as he signs executive actions

- CNNPolitics

Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump made multiple egregious false claims about Democrats during a Saturday "news conference" at his New Jersey golf club where he signed a series of pandemic-related executive actions.

Trump also denied having said something he said on camera during a news conference Friday. And he walked out of the room after he was challenged on one of his favorite lies -- the claim that he is the one who got the Veterans Choice health care program created.

The payroll tax cut

A reporter told Trump that a payroll tax cut was opposed by both parties on Capitol Hill. Trump responded, "Everybody wanted it. By the way, the Democrats want it. The Republicans want it. They just couldn't ... come to an agreement. But everybody wants it."

Facts First: That's just false. Most Democrats and a significant number of prominent Republicans were against the idea of including a payroll tax cut in the coronavirus relief package.
Due to the pandemic, Trump has taken to holding his 'rallies' at his golf club.
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