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Trump insisted intelligence reports showed LEFT, not right wing looters and arsonists. (1 Viewer)


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May 26, 2020
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menifee calif.
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Trump has one way, his way, so when something says up, and Trump says down, you DAMN WELL mark down. Or be ruined. There is no reality, but the one he will dole out to you in rallies. Trump lets it be known that anyone that disagrees, get out or get thrown out. And Trump installed sneaks, cheats, assassins, luddites, flat earther plants, to report any libs.

This disheartens all career professionals, and depresses those working, and dissuades anyone thinking of going to work there. So, Trump installs hitmen into all areas, preferably ones not confirmed. And they ruin everything, and say it was already broken.

And those cowed, change reality to not conflict with the manchild. That is how the intelligence reports showed libs and lefties, the dangerous ones. When in reality, it was to show that it was right wing terrorism that is the threat.

Trump is using his sharpy, to mark, ANTIFA over the whole map, instead of boogaloos, sovereign citizens, antivaxxers, Qfreaks, luddites.

This man is a danger to national security.
Breaking: Whistleblower complaint from DHS -CNN

A whistleblower is alleging that top political appointees in the Department of Homeland Security repeatedly instructed career officials to modify intelligence assessments to ensure they matched up with misleading public comments from President Donald Trump about Antifa and "anarchist" groups, according to documents reviewed by CNN and a source familiar with the situation.

Specifically, acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf and Acting Director of US Citizenship and Immigration Ken Cuccinelli, both Trump appointees, directed officials to change intelligence assessments based on Trump's political rhetoric, an order the whistleblower says amounted to an abuse of authority, according to the documents.

Both Wolf and Cuccinelli also tried to alter a report to downplay the threat posed by White supremacists and instead emphasize the role of leftist groups due to concerns about how the initial language would reflect on the President, according to a source familiar with the claims raised by the whistleblower.

DHS did not immediately respond to CNN's request for comment regarding allegations that Wolf and Cuccinelli ordered officials to change intelligence assessments for political reasons but have broadly denied either man took actions that constitute as an abuse of power, as stated in the complaint. Separately, the complaint says, Cuccinelli expressed frustration with intelligence reports detailing conditions in Guatamala, Honduras and El Salvador, late last year and accused "deep-state intelligence analysts" of compiling the information to undermine Trump's objectives regarding asylum, according to the documents reviewed by CNN.

Whistleblower accuses Trump appointees of downplaying Russian interference and White supremacist threat - CNNPolitics
Trump also insisted they STOP studying Russia. Stop saying they are interfering in election. This man is a traitor.

Murphy says that he refused to modify intelligence assessments so that they more closely aligned with Trump's rhetoric about Antifa and other groups, telling Wolf and Cuccinelli that he would only report accurate information as collected by DHS, according to the complaint.
He also refused to alter the draft versions of the report warning of the threat posed by White supremacists, prompting Wolf and Cuccinelli to halt work on the document, the complaint states.
Donald Trump is the biggest liar that I've ever encountered.
Goodness.... CNN and some at DP are in overdrive with their Trump is up to no good.
And it's only Wednesday? :confused:

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