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Trump in 2012?

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“I’m serious about this,” the thatch-roofed reality-TV star, beauty-pageant impresario and real-estate developer insisted to me Thursday, a couple of days after he phoned in to MSNBC’s Morning Joe program and floated the idea of a 2012 presidential campaign. “Many people have asked me to run. I have never seen the country in the state that it’s in, and now I am considering it,” he told me.

The 64-year-old Trump said he is more serious about this than he has been about previous flirtations with the White House. “In the early ‘90s, there was a group that wanted me to run on the Reform Party ticket,” Trump said, but he opted not to—instead cultivating a public image as a can-do, take-charge billionaire

Could be really interesting if he decides to actually throw his hat in the ring. The man knows money and how to make it. Someone of his experience would be useful.

Donald Trump Talks About Running for President in 2012 - The Daily Beast
15 years ago I would have said "NO WAY" "It's impossible" - today however it's a possibility because IF anyone's noticed there is a certain void out there on the Republican side and $$$$$$$ means more than it ever has.
The man's been a bit of a joke lately with the reality shows and pageant stuff. Don't think it would end well for him.
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