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Trump could strike back at oil cuts

TU Curmudgeon

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Mar 7, 2018
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From the CBC

Trump could strike back at Alberta oil cuts, says former provincial trade envoy

A former Alberta trade envoy to Washington, D.C., believes U.S. President Donald Trump could slap the province with countermeasures for its decision to impose mandatory oil production cuts.

Gary Mar, Alberta's representative in the U.S. capital for four years from 2007, said it's uncertain how Trump will feel about the province's decision to wade into the free market in a bid to raise Canadian crude prices.

But the president could take action if he becomes concerned with climbing prices, Mar said.


I suppose that Mr. Trump could take the next logical step and impose tariffs on Canadian oil if the situation continues - right?

PS - To put the whole "tariff thing" into perspective, please do three things:

  1. Write down your answer to the question "Which country has had the greatest amount of goods affected by Mr. Trump's tariffs?";
  2. Write down your answer to the question "What percentage of the tariffs have been applied against __[fill in answer from Question 1]__?"; and THEN
  3. Read "Donald Trump v the world: US tariffs in four charts".

    PPS - Possibly someone should tell Mr. Trump that, if he cancels NAFTA then the US will no longer have a guaranteed source of below market price oil.
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