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Trump continues to muddle immigration ban message


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May 6, 2012
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Trump continues to muddle immigration ban message
Trump continues to muddle immigration ban message

"After days of increasing criticism and mixed messaging over Donald Trump's plan to temporarily ban Muslims from coming to the United States, Trump further muddled his message at a speech here Tuesday, decrying the difficulties that Christian Syrians have in getting into the country, even though he has proposed banning all immigration from Syria.

And likely to further frustrate Republicans, more than 24 hours after a hotbed Supreme Court decision was handed down regarding abortions clinics in Texas, Trump surprisingly refrained from weighing in. Trump also didn't make any mention of the findings concerning presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in the House Select Committee's report on Benghazi.

Instead, Trump reached deep into his primary campaign's greatest hits catalog, going on a lengthy bit about his support for waterboarding................

Flip-Flop Donald lied to yall………He isn’t goin to stop Muslims entering the country………..Now he is limiting the ban to countries with known terrorism………
You know like France Belgium and the UK….. What an ass he is


I hear he is going to walk back the wall on the border ...........lowering it by 2-3 feet because he cannot make Mexico to pay for it
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