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Trump campaign plays up Biden's skills ahead of Cleveland debate: 'He's actually quite good" (1 Viewer)


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Oct 3, 2013
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The Trump campaign attempted to play up the debate abilities of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden with the first debate in less than 10 days.

With the first presidential debates slated for Sept. 29 in Cleveland, the Trump campaign's communications director on Monday told Fox News that the former vice president “knows his way” around the debate stage after 47 years in politics.
“Joe Biden has been a Washington politician for 47 years, he spent decades in the Senate where all they do is debate, he was vice president twice, and debated on the national stage in each of those races, and did very well,” Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh said in an appearance on "Fox & Friends First."

“In the Democrat primaries, he debated a whole crowd of opponents, 11 times, and he won,” Murtaugh noted. “He bested two dozen Democrat challengers.”
Biden “knows his way around the debate stage," Murtaugh later said. “He knows how to do it. He’s actually quite good. That’s the Joe Biden we expect to see on debate night. ... We have to be prepared for the tuned-in Joe Biden.”
President Trump also said he expects Biden to perform well because he's a "professional" and "can debate."
“I don’t know if he’s all there, but I think he’s a professional,” Trump said in a phone call later on Monday on "Fox & Friends."
“I have to assume that he is a professional and that he can debate," Trump said, adding he believes Biden "is going to do great."


This is hilarious. After spending probably the last year making Biden out to be some drooling dementia patient who can't put on his own pants...now Trump and his idiot minions are realizing that perhaps constantly lowering the expectations for Biden is not the best route to take, especially since Biden is actually known to be very good at one on one debates. Also, Trump is a terrible debater...and his campaign knows it. Now they are flipping the script and trying to make Trump out to be the underdog...as if the past year didn't happen. Laughable.
Trump is flipping the script all the time, it's because he can't remember it, and anyways gets bored with it quickly.

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