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Trump and Putin: Two liars separated at birth?

Simpleχity;1065733570 said:
Trump and Putin: Two liars separated at birth?

Evelyn N. Farkas served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Russia/Ukraine/Eurasia from 2012 to November 2015.

Extremely flattering to compare Trump to Putin, but Putin is an extremely powerful and successful leader, and the Donald is an extremely successful blowhard demonstrating all the qualifications to be a USA president. It would appear that precisely crafted lying is a necessary tool in USA Media and TRump is really good at it. Does he want to help Donald or the people of the USA? I say the people because he has already jettisoned the decades old Crony Corporate ownership of the Republican Party. I'm voting for Sanders but I like what Trump is doing. The fact that Trump recognizes Putin's reality and has good things to say about Putin also shows some savoire faire, don't ya' know? Putin runs Russia and does a hell of a good job for Russians. The USA demonizes Putin and Russia to build that profit stream known as the Cold War.
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