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Trump’s team plots his departure — even if he won’t

Rogue Valley

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Apr 18, 2013
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One of the most organized parts of the White House these days is a surprising place — the West Wing office planning a presidential transition.

One of the most organized and functional parts of the Trump White House these days is a surprising place — the West Wing office planning a potential presidential transition. Assistant to the president Chris Liddell has spent weeks mapping out a possible handover of power to Democrat Joe Biden. Instead of on-the-fly decisions, staff infighting or governing by instinct — all hallmarks of Trump’s leadership style over the last four years — transition planning has happened quietly, efficiently and with little public fanfare. Friends and allies say Liddell is aware of the delicacy of the situation and is purposefully seeking to work under the radar. Liddell declined to comment. The White House handed Liddell the transition portfolio because of his past work on the transition team for 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney. During that period, Liddell served as the executive director of the roughly 600-person Romney transition team and made sure the operation, which functioned more like a consulting firm, met its deadlines, with timelines and deliverables. “He knows how to run the machinery,” said Tim Adams, a former Romney transition official and a former top Treasury official. “Hopefully, they are leaving him alone and letting him do this job.”

The portfolio of Chris Liddell includes planning for both another four years of Donald Trump (Cabinet/department head officials etc.) and also planning for a seamless transition from a Trump to a Biden administration.

Trump has to know about this undertaking, because he will only accept new officials who will swear loyalty to Trump. Not loyalty to the Constitution and country, but loyalty to Donald Trump über alles.
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