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True Religion V.S. Natural Born Leaders


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Oct 15, 2005
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The seperation of almost all organized Western and Near Eastern Religions: Judisam, Christianity and Islam, can traced the back to the basic belief that the assumption of power is granted by virtue of ones birthright.

All three have same God, the God of Abraham. His sons fight over the Middle East one asserting it was only them to whom God promised the Promised Land to. One side is backed by Christianity with military force and media power. The Muslim community has seperation issues of the same root. One faction believes that only decent of the prophet should hold power, compared to the others who believe that any person proving worthy can be a leader. That leader is elected by the elders.

History shows us this belief that God entitled few certain people power and rule over other men soon turns into the demand for wealth and political gain, and seems to be the downfall of organized religions. Taking only certain texts and compiling them into "evidence" to support a grab for power and used to disguise of their greed seems the basis of many religous books. Policitally speaking the King James version in trying to maintain that political system it is in the King's intrest to supports this claim. On the other hand the Islamic culture had Democracy long before America was even discovered, yet today we strive to dictate it to them.

The story I found most amusing about religion and the bible was told by Dr. Joseph Campbell. Living in New York he was helping a Buddhist Monk document his personal account of the Chinese invasion of Tibet. Seeking to learn of Western religion the monk asked to borrow a bible from Dr. Campbell, who happily lent the monk a copy.

Many months passed without mention of the book between them. Then just before his journey home the monk he handed the bible back to Dr. Campbell, all he said was:

"I have read that book very carefully, and I fail to find any religion in it."
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