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True Debates Rules and Guidelines

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These are rules and guidelines that are specific to 'True Debates' only. Additional rules and guidelines may be imposed for individual debates at the request of the participants.

1. Debates will last for one week, or an agreed upon period of time or number of responses (Example: each debater gets one opening statement and ten replies, alternating with their opponent).

2. Participants may not post their next argument until their opponent has had a chance to post a rebuttal. The exception would be when a further post is needed due to character limit, in which case end the post with "Continued due to character limit".

3. All sources must be free for everyone to access. We would prefer that members not have to sign up at a site in order to view content; however, as long as the content is still free, it's permissible.

4. Discussion threads for the debates are not to be used by the participants to post additional arguments. Debate participants should not post in the discussion thread until after poll closes.

5. Topics must somehow be political in nature. This is, after all, Debate Politics. :mrgreen:

6. Members must have a minimum of 50 posts in order to participate in a True Debate. This allows newer members to get their feet wet in the other forums and become familiar with the forum as a whole, as well as other members.

7. Please try to already have an opponent lined up. Do not post nor contact a mod until you have an opponent and an agreed upon length and any additional rules. Use the Challenge thread to indicate an interest in debating on a particular topic or to find some one who wants to debate on that topic. Once you have an opponent, topic, length and additional rules agreed upon, then each of you post in the Signup thread and one of you contact a 'Battlegrounds' mod to initiate the debates (Your Star or Digsbe).

8. All regular forum rules apply.
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