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True Blood


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Jul 21, 2005
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The show, like the books, seems to be going downhill. I was obsessed with this show for about the first 3 seasons then the last couple have only been so-so. I had free hbo last weekend and caught the season premiere but was not impressed. I didn't even order hbo this time and just read the recap this morning and didn't feel I missed anything. Anyone else disappointed as well?
True Blood has always been hit and miss. But this human versus vampires storyline has promise.
My roommates and I started watching the series while we were overseas (mostly for the eye candy :mrgreen:).

I'd classify it as being generally "Okay." It's kind of chick flicky and soap opera-ish, but it occasionally manages to have some supremely funny moments and memorable plot lines.

The major thing I appreciate about the show is how the writers have made a point of introducing creatures from more traditional fairy tales and folklore into the series' backstory. I hate to break it to everyone, but the elves and fairies of old world superstition were generally not the nice and friendly creatures modern media tends to portray them as. They were evil, alien creatures; prone to abducting people for their own nefarious purposes like the alien "Greys" in our own popular culture.

I'm frankly more than a little pissed that they would introduce such an interesting concept only to fail to do anything of note with it. :roll:
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