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Tropical Storm Hermine gains strength off Mexico


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Aug 27, 2005
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Tropical Storm Hermine getting stronger in the Gulf; headed toward Texas, Mexico coasts

Tropical Storm Hermine is getting a little stronger in the Gulf of Mexico as it heads toward the coasts of Texas and Mexico.

Looks like Brownsville is going to get a direct hit from this storm, which will be either be a hurricane, or very close to it, by the time it hits.

While it may be a mess for Brownsville, this is a Godsend for the Houston area, which had the hottest August ever recorded. In fact, August is the hottest single month ever recorded for Houston. Although a cold front broke the heat, the tropical weather from this storm is going to kill the wave permanently. As I type this post, it is raining cats and dogs here in Houston. And after I type this, I am going to go outside and stand in it, and will get soaking wet. I will enjoy the living crap out of it too. I will say a prayer for those in the South Texas area, though, since they are going to get up to a foot of rain. I hope the flooding isn't too bad down there, and the damage turns out to be minimal.

Although the storm is moving north towards Houston-Galveston at the present time, the storm itself won't come anywhere near here, as the cold front that came through is going to steer it northwest.

Will be back in a little bit. I meant it when I said that I was going to stand out in the rain for a while. LOL.

Article is here.
Whew, that was nice. Got soaking wet, then took a hot bath. Drinking some tea now. LOL.
I like standing out in the rain. It is sometimes very soothing.
I like standing out in the rain. It is sometimes very soothing.

It's not very soothing today. Houston is getting the middle of the main rain band with this storm, and we are going to be flooded. Want some of this water? Please feel free to take as much of it as you want. I don't want any more. LOL.
Crikey, we're getting some very serious rain here!
I took the bus home from work in it; have to walk a few blocks from the bus stop to my apt.
The rain was so heavy I couldn't see six inches in front of me. And the wind was nearly blowing me off the sidewalk into the street. I was slogging through fast-moving water several inches deep.
Supposedly the rain will continue for the rest of the week, but today is the heaviest, i think.
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