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Trooper wounded in 2014 ambush shooting has leg amputated below knee


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Dec 3, 2017
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A Pennsylvania state police trooper who was shot in a 2014 ambush has had his right leg amputated below the knee.

Trooper Alex Douglass underwent the surgery this week at a New York City hospital.
His girl friend said he was having problems with his wounded leg & had decided to have it amputated to 'improve the quality of his life.' He has been involved in athletics.
I bet he's one of those guys that power through and have a good life.
I bet he's one of those guys that power through and have a good life.

He looked pretty chipper in his hospital bed with a big grin & a thumbs up. He must have lived through hell for 3+ years with that bad leg to want to have it cut off.
And in the rest of the story it shows the man who shot him and killed a fellow officer is on death row is asking for a new trial.

He should be allowed to have a second trial with the stipulation that if found guilty again he will have his execution date moved up to the following morning.
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