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Trevor Phillips wants murderers and terrorists to remain unmolested!


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Sep 16, 2009
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Meddling Trevor Phillips wants the next Government to retain the hated European Convention On Human Rights:

Equality boss: Human rights law must stay | Mail Online

I bet he bloody does. It's his meal ticket for life. Deliberately confusing the politically-correct legislation's provisions with genuine basic tenets of human rights, the Labour lackey on £160,000 a year thinks that we'll be much more naked without it.

We'll be naked alright. Divested of airline hijackers allowed to stay here, black women 'too tall' and 'too lesbian' to return to their African home nations, terrorists 'too in danger' of torture to be extradited for their crimes, bullied working clubs for not allowing women in (though womens' clubs remain unmolested), militant homosexual propaganda being foisted on schoolchildren or police stations because they're a persecuted minority, child killers released early and anonymously to 'give them a right to a free adult life', and all the other piddly crap which would make us a much worse nation I'm sure!

Meanwhile, we still have terrible child poverty, epidemic levels of crime victimhood, abandoned senior citizens and over-worked and under-valued taxpayers across the land. What about the human rights of these people for example? Or perhaps those who aren't criminals, chancers or perverts don't matter as much as the trendy flavours-of-the-month.

Bald-headed arrogant w*nker!


In case you don't quite believe the 'gay police' thing, as I didn't when first I heard, here's the link: Prophecy in the news - British Police rapped for flying gay pride colours
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