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Transition • 2005


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May 25, 2005
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Notable deaths in 2005 - Rest In Peace

Richard Pryor - comedian and actor
Hank Stram - football
Eugene J. McCarthy - US Senator and presidential candidate
Pat Morita - actor
John Fowles - author
Max Schmeling - heavyweight boxer
Rosa Parks - civil rights icon
Ronnie Barker - comic
Nipsey Russell - the poet laureate of television
Don Adams - actor
Simon Wiesenthal - Nazi hunter
William H. Rehnquist - chief justice of the US supreme court
Bob Denver - actor
Peter Jennings - newsman
Terri Schiavo - comatose/euthanasia
King Fahd - Saudi Arabia
James Doohan - actor
John Walton - Wal-Mart heir
Al Lopez - baseball
Evan Hunter - author
Gen. William Westmoreland - Vietnam
Gene Mauch - baseball
Ezer Weizman - former president of Israel
Luther Vandross - musician
Jaime Sin - Roman Catholic cardinal
Anne Bancroft - actress
Eddie Albert - actor
Ismail Merchant - film maker
Reggie Roby - football
Frank Gorshin - actor
George Mikan - basketball
John Mills - actor
Jack Concannon - football
Andrea Dworkin - feminist and antiporn crusader
Prince Ranier III of Monaco
Saul Bellow - Nobel prize winning author
Pope John Paul II - (Karol Joseph Wojtyla)
Dick Weber - bowling
Johnnie Cochran - lawyer
John Zachary DeLorean - auto executive
Rosemary Kennedy - handicapped sister of John F. Kennedy
Simone Simon - actress
Wellington Mara - owner NY Giants
Frank Perdue - CEO
Sandra Dee - actress
Hunter S. Thompson - journalist
Arthur Miller - playwright
Ossie Davis - actor
Max Schmeling - boxer
Rose Mary Woods - President Nixon's secretary
John Vernon - actor
Philip Johnson - architect
Johnny Carson - talk show host
Frank Kelly Freas - illustrator
Shirley Chisholm - first black woman in congress
Chris Schenkel - sportscaster
American military deaths in 2005 - 842

2005 was definitely not a good year as far as deaths are concerned. Here's hoping that there were children born in 2005 that will grow up to do great things for this world, and to the hope that 2006 will be better.
George_Washington said:
I was especially upset about Peter Jennings dying. I think he was the best news caster that ever lived.

Its not the same without him
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