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Trade your votes for president - is this ethical


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May 19, 2004
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www (dot) votepair (dot) org/index.php

I will not make this a link, if you wish to go there please type the above in your browser exchanging the (dot) for a . If you wish to respond and create a link, that is your option.

Here is an excerpt from the home page.

You can make your vote for president count by joining the national VotePair campaign and using your vote to elect Kerry-Edwards while supporting the role of progressive third-party candidates. As we learned in 2000, a few hundred votes in the right states can make all the difference in the world--and the whole world is watching now. In vote-pairing, swing-state progressives whose first instinct might have been to vote for Nader, Cobb or Badnarik are paired with Democrats (and others whose first choice for President is Kerry) in 'safe' states where either Bush or Kerry has a decisive lead. Paired voters can communicate with each other and decide to vote strategically: swing-state participants for Kerry and safe-state participants for Nader, Cobb or Badnarik. As a result, the paired voters' support for progressive third parties is recorded in the popular vote and their preference for Kerry over Bush finds voice in the Electoral College.

Defeating Bush means redirecting the current Administration's aggressive unilateral foreign policy, protecting the environment and women's right to choose, and keeping Bush from stacking the Supreme Court and federal courts with right-wing judges like Justices Scalia and Thomas.

Together, we can vote strategically to build a progressive majority and prevent another disastrous Bush presidency.
This is definatly not a new idea, but it keeps getting worse. What do you think?
This scares me. This country is going down hill fast.
Ethical ? - depends on your outlook of course . Seems like a good strategy which may work in the situations outlined , but , yes , it scares me . The Republicans are not out there trying to get out the vote as much as they should , in my opinion. I explained to my college student son that it seems Republicans act too sure of themselves in expecting people to vote for them . The Democrats make a greater effort to get voters to the polls .
As an example , today I went to an "Old Timer's Reunion" in my home town where politics is frowned upon , though candidates are allowed to attend and pass out flyers , just no speeches allowed. Several local politicians attended and all were Democrats running in local races . If any Republicans were there no one would have known . I think they should have come and done just as the others did .
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