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TOTALITARIANIST CASEBOOK: EU humiliates member states on last scraps of autonomy!


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Sep 16, 2009
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More evidence to debunk the propaganda that the EU can only function at all if its component states allow it:

EU sues six nations to court for failure to adopt green laws — EUbusiness - European Union business news search and analysis

..And STILL the European Union mouthpieces sincerely lie that the nations which comprise the EU still have the final word on their own jurisdiction:

UK faces court case over air pollution breaches | Environment | The Guardian

They've got nothing better to do in the EU than completely usurp the authority of Westminster, just to justify the existence of their synthetic institution: Tests on foreign nurses scrapped: EU order means Britain must open NHS jobs to thousands from Eastern Europe | Mail Online. Then they have the nerve to punish nation states for not clicking their heels in subservience to such dangerous laws quick enough!

The European Court cases may well throw out some beneficial judgements, but most of us believe that it should be OUR courts and Lords ruling supreme on points of law!

The 'European Union Secretariat General' (very communist!!) must have been very pleased with himself to bag FIVE naughty little rogue states in his net: INSPIRE: 5 Member States referred to Court! / News / News / Home - ePSIplus - Public Sector Information

And with an armed EU-wide police force in the offing, you can bet that the lowliest man at the bottom of the chain will also feel the weight of the monolith bearing down on him.

...And we voted in the lying, deceitful and tratorous politicians doing this to us again and again and again! Individually we may be intelligent, but collectively we seem to have the intelligence of amoeba! (Perhaps we deserve all we got!)

No wonder the EU is so keen to replace our well-worn habeas corpus with corpus juris, the system which abolishes trial by jury! Without a jury the control-freakery of the EU through its ECJ agent can run ever more ruthlessly!


Well, it's only freedom, Democracy and self-autonomy. No need to cry over spilt milk: http://www.debatepolitics.com/europ...e-dictatorship.html?highlight=eu+dictatorship



52 reasons to leave eu - Google Search

The EU MUST be democratic if it's got a Politburo! http://www.leftiness.org/The Euro Politburo.doc


A very corrupt judicial system? LET'S GO-GO-GO FOR IT!! eu dictatorship corpus juris - Google Search

THE DIE IS CAST! (And guess who'll do the dying?!) http://www.debatepolitics.com/europ...without-labour.html?highlight=eu+dictatorship

Gits: http://www.debatepolitics.com/europ...atorship-and-eu-democracy.html#post1058711665

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