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Top 5 Stories About Big Tech Scandals and Censorship (1 Viewer)

Gab News – Tech, Privacy, and Free Speech News - A website all about censorship, big tech, and freedom of speech. Originally known as gab.ai but now known as gab.com - its only natural the site owner would become more heavily and overtly political over time. While at first Gab advertised itself as a place for all voices, it increasingly seems to be courting the non-mainstream audience. I enjoy their position of highlighting big tech stories, but Gab banned me a long time ago, so I can't speak for the quality of the site as a whole.

Note that news.gab.com has recently gone off the deep end. They started a podcast and are pushing the QAnon conspiracy theory. The website Gab.com sucks as well, IP banning people for edgy memes and bikini babes. Personally I consider this video, a memorial on why Gab WAS great, and not why it is. I didn't say this in the video though, because with so many negative news stories, I didn't want to pile on. Rest in peace Gab. #Gab


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