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Tom Paine

No one even comes close to Paine for political writings yet he is probably the least known of oor founding fathers. There is a reason for that.

A lot of his writings were considered radical and even considered treason in England at the time. A person could be convivtrd of treason in England, at the time, for even having a copy og his writings in their possesion. Teddy Rooselvelt once called him "that filthy athesist". George Washington let him rot in a Paris prison during his time as a pampleteer while writing for the cause of the American Revolution.

I urge everyone to read his "rights Of Man"

The Rights of Man


His writings were considered treasonous because he was advocating the revolution for America. and George Washington let him "rot" because they all knew the dangers of what they were doing and in order for the revolution to continue, no one could try to help him. Thomas Paine went to prison on his own accord, and didn't want anyone to help him out. you should really make sure you know your history before you start hounding the people who made it


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Dec 23, 2009
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You are the one who doesn't know what you are talking about. I will prove it to you. Paine wrote about this experience in his writings and I will postthem to show you how wrong you are.

I don't appreciate your insult that ""you should really make sure you know your history before you start hounding the people who made it." I was not "hounding anyone. That was a very puerile insult.
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