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Tom Brady proves he is better than Superman

Brady played the game of his life against his arch nemesis and beats the team that has his kryptonite in Tom Coughlin.

Brady literally carried his team on his shoulder with a bum hand (needed 10 stitches) and no Rob Gronkowski. This was a Michael Jordan type moment. A Willis Reed type moment... no, a Tom Brady moment.

He won with little Dion Lewis and Danny Amendola, players that were extremely pedestrian before Brady taught them how to play the game at a high level.

And now we get to see Brady go back to his roots in Browerville Minnesota. You see, unlike Aaron Rodgers, Brady understands the importance of family:

Paul says his cousin has never forgotten his family. “Hasn’t changed a bit and that’s what we respect most about him, he treats us the same and wants us to treat him the same.”

The Johnsons are pleased to hear talk of Brady continuing to play. They say an appearance by the Patriots in the Minnesota Super Bowl would be a dream come true, even better if Brady were to line up opposite the Vikings.

kare11.com | Tom Brady's Minnesota family thrilled with victory

What a guy, what a competitor, what a fighting spirit, the greatest of all time!!!!
He played great, and yeah, the Patriots are a dynasty team. But Superman? Do you fancy seeing Tom in tights and a cape?
Superman is a fiction.

Brady is a great QB and the Patriots are a much better team than the Jags. My question is - why did it take some questionable officiating and 2 phenomenal plays for the Patriots to pull that game out? If the Jags can take the Patriots to the wire at home...?
I don't think that was a proper use of "literally".
Brady & the Pats are a NFL force to be feared & respected IMO .............
Super Bowl 52 will be between the Eagles and the referees.

The fix is in.
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