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Today at the Dept of Homeland Insecurity

Another "one & done" thread. Oops, mine makes two. :2wave:
KCConservative said:
Another "one & done" thread. Oops, mine makes two. :2wave:
Since the mods have been letting you slide on your sniping at me for the last couple of weeks, it is time for me to leave, and the best way to do it is to get banned. This is going to be fun.

To the mods - I wont take the banning personally. Best wishes.

KC, you ****ing idiot - cant you post anything without sniping at other people and posting really dumb ****ing statements that have nothing at all to do with the topics at hand? I guess not, because you would need half a ****ing brain to be able to do so. You are not only a complete waste of bandwidth, but a complete moron to boot.

This forum is for political discussion, not for ****ing assholes like you to get their rocks off on by sniping and attacking others. Take this as a gentle hint - I know, I know, it sounds harsh, but with a thick skull and small brain such as yours, a sledgehammer is needed, not a tap on the head.

So, in the end, guess what? You win. I am getting banned from this forum, and now you can cry all those idiotic crocodile tears, and pretend you didnt do anything, but anyone with an IQ larger than a ****ing artichoke (which is everybody in the world but you) knows what a complete, pathetic, and moronic asshole you really are. I hope you are happy knowing that.

Note: I feel much better now. LOL.


Edit: Damn, I cant report myself. Oh well, I am sure someone will do it for me :) :rofl
You won't get tossed, dana. I'll even go to bat for you. You're too much fun to have around. Hey, how come you don't blow your cork when mods do the same thing (like when cnredd posts about your multiple "one & done" threads)? ;)
See there? You got another pass. It was just sent to the basement.
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