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TIMES are Not a Changng,twilight zone alive and well in South America. NO ONE CARES

Historically the conflict known as La Violencia, which was triggered by the 1948 assassination of populist political leader Jorge Eliécer Gaitán,NICE JOB Uncle Sam and in the aftermath of United States-backed military did what they do best attack peasant communities in rural Colombia in the 1960s that led Liberal and Communist militants to re-organize into FARC.[12] In Cuba they reorganize& emerged as Fidel&Che show. I could continue to bore you with other US productions featuring Chile,Peru,Argentina,Venezuela,& Central America my personal favorite Jacobo Arbenz Guzman a democratically elected President overthrown in 1954..Jacobo Arbenz Guzman wouldn't play nice& his Guatemalan business modelaka land reform didn't appeal to United Fruit who functioned in Guatemala as a state within a state. Just as the mafia&US operated in Cuba. It owned the country's telephone and telegraph facilities, controlled the only important Atlantic harbor, and monopolized its banana exports. US company owned nearly every mile of railroad track in the country. The fruit company's influence amongst Washington's power elite was unequaled.Unintended consequence resulted from US greed, Why consult with a Dulles when Meyer Lanksy is available , Fidel and Raul already in Mexico began recruiting for another attempt at driving Batista out of power had a volunteer a doctor Ernesto Guevara, who had witnessed first-hand the CIA's ouster of President Arbenz in Guatemala. . On a business and/or personal level, it had close ties to the Dulles brothers, various State Department officials, congressmen, the American Ambassador to the United Nations, and others. Anne Whitman, the wife of the company's public relations director, was President Eisenhower's personal secretary. Under-secretary of State (and formerly Director of the CIA) Walter Bedell Smith was seeking an executive position with United Fruit at the same time he was helping to plan the coup. He was later named to the company's board of directors. Communism to rescue.mention of land reform & your a communist so back to Ubico type dictatorship a more reasonable people more later . WASP, had they sought Meyer Lansky council ,I can assure you the Cuba- Guatemala, Che, Fidel would have turn differently, Lanksy knows when it not Kosher, so vhat a Wasp should trust a Jew, or Heb as they were know at the Club Jews ranked second to Communist as buzzword of the era ,African Americans, Negroes, Colored, Blacks, etc didn't count.

HELLO Cuban National Foundation which are you Cubans or Americans ok both.Hey after fifty you might want to drop the Cuba part and say American. The best part US policy Coup in 1954 Guatemala doesn't happen Che& Fidel never would have met. Che an Argentine was sent to exile in Mexico,no room at Argentine embassy in Guatemala Fidel and Raul had already been in Mexico to begin recruiting for another attempt at driving Batista out of power. In Mexico City, oh the luck the US the gift that keeps on giving the CIA's ouster of President Arbenz in Guatemala results in introduction Castro and a doctor named Ernesto Guevara "Che" came later, and as they say the rest is History NOTE from Cuba Thank You America Sorry Back to Colombia Hey Cubans remember the US sitting ringside eating popcorn while communist barbarians were heading to Havana with a schedule stop in old Havana at El Floridita cafe for a drink&cigar giving cojonesless future Cuban _Americans time to do the one thing they a excel at -RUNNING! now back to Colombia and the American experience

The reasons for fighting vary from group to group in Colombia.As long as Colombians are killing Colombians -Whats the problem? The FARC and other guerrilla movements claim to be fighting for the rights of the poor in Colombia to protect them from government violence and to provide social justice through socialism.[13] The Colombian government claims to be fighting for order and stability, and seeking to protect the rights and interests of its citizens. The paramilitary groups, such as the AUC, claim to be reacting to perceived threats by guerrilla movements.[14] Both guerrilla and paramilitary groups have been accused of engaging in drug trafficking and terrorism. All of the parties engaged in the conflict have been criticized for numerous human rights violations.

The fighting has killed 250,000 individuals and displaced millions.who know how many deaths world wide do to drugs from Colombia, kidnappings ah minor

Nobody can explain the long running play "The FARC" maybe Vietcong understands,but not many others .How much proof is required to prove nobody is tuned in those who tuned in are consider imbeciles how else can fighters living in the Amazon,Mountain, for 50yrs including their founders leaders basically all poor. uneducated peasants, and somehow even though vast majority cant read or write their own names but stay current must be social media morphing them from Marxist , Socialist, Communist, Narco- guerrillas , terrorist what next? freely elected FARC Party takes control of Colombia and becomes US new best friend? Oh yea how did they ever escape the Maoist label? Weren't the Vietcong, NVA& Gen Giáp HO& his boys were about fall any min for at least 10years, well at least Nike befitted from 59,0000 dead boys and untold wounded. I think the US people believe the Gulf of ton kin was originally Bay of pigs aw so what just a prop
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