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Thoughts On Obama Birth Certificate

I, like many people in this country, have been waiting for President Obama to resolve the birther issue once and for all. However, after hearing the President speak on this issue yesterday I am most disappointed with him and I now have more questions than answers. I place the blame for this squarely on the shoulders of President Obama.

Some quick background on me. I don't post here often, I've been called a troll, ignorant, stupid, inconsequential, you name it I've been called it. I don't get involved in the partisan mudslinging because I don't have any representation in our federal government, no one there represents my viewpoints. If I had a horse in that race then maybe I'd get involved, but as of now the only people in DC who even come close to my views are the Blue Dog Democrats and we all know how much influence they really have. Basically, I do screw around on this forum because I don't take most people here seriously, the difference between me and them is that I can be a troll with one sentence, it takes most of them several paragraphs of carefully crafted bull**** to accomplish what I can with a few words, so as far as I'm concerned I'm smarter than they are.:) On to President Obama.

Let's put the birther nonsense aside and assume that the birth certificate unveiled yesterday is authentic. I've seen real hawaiian birth certificates, and his political adversaries have not taken the birther cause up, so I have no reason to believe that the certificate is fake. My question is, why wait this long? President Obama had been a Presidential candidate since 2006, and a serious candidate since 2007. His birth was an issue from the very beginning. He posted a certification of live birth years ago, knowing full well that it wouldn't satisfy his critics. His proponents have said that he had already posted his birth certificate, although yesterday's events clearly show that he had not. He obviously has had the ability all along to post his real birth certificate. Why did he wait until 2011? By deciding to post his certificate yesterday what he showed me is that he has not taken this issue seriously for almost 5 years, and I expect more from an American President. He showed me that all of the propaganda that had been issued by his people prior to this event about the proper documentation already having been made public was a bunch of bull, because if that were true there would have been no need for yesterdays news conference.

So, now I've been left to draw some conclusions.

Conclusion number one; Obama has deliberately drawn out the birth certificate controversy.

Conclusion number two; President Obama does not want to address any of the other questions put forward by the "birthers", such as his citizenship status while a child in Indonesia, his allegeded travel to Pakistan in the '80's, his student status before his time at Harvard Law, all issues put forward by the birthers, none addressed by the President. These issues were conspicuously absent from a press conference conducted by a man who claimed to want to put all of this nonsense to rest. Why not address these issues?

Conclusion number three; President Obama is acting like a man who has something to hide. I made almost nothing of the birthers before yesterdays news conference, but after seeing the way President Obama handled this issue I now think that there may be something to the argument that there is something in President Obama's past that could seriously damage him politically. Innocent men don't have anything to hide but in my opinion he's acting like someone who does have something to hide and is doing everything he can to address one issue(birth certificate) in order to avoid dealing with other issues. Misdirection.

In other words, yesterdays press conference was clearly meant to discredit the birthers but all it accomplished in my case was to force me to ask questions that I hadn't been asking, until yesterday.


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Mar 1, 2011
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Do you actually believe that president Obama was not vetted by both the democrats and republicans prior to his running? Here's my conclusion the birthers and anyone else who believes that President Obama was not born in America either have no faith in the ability of their representatives to make sure that any candidate is eligible to run or they are racist.

President Obama's birth certificate was certified as a legal document FactCheck.org: Born in the U.S.A.

Here is my conclusion, Some people have a problem nothing will satisfy them short of his changing color and walking on water


Mar 19, 2011
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No, I don't believe that he wasn't vetted. I'm not a birther. I think he's completely legitimate. But, I do think he's hiding something because he's acting like someone who has something to hide. I don't believe that whatever he is hiding has anything to do with his citizenship.
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