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This week in Stupid Criminals.

Mr Person

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Oct 14, 2015
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So the guy robs a bank through use of threats. His escape vehicle is an electric scooter. Not one he personally owned, mind you, but one of those rent-at-will scooters which require you to use an app into which you have previously loaded stuff like credit card, phone number, etc. Naturally,

After receiving the court order, police said Uber provided investigators with Mangiarano’s contact information — a phone number and email address — as well as a credit card number. Surveillance video taken from in front of the teenager’s apartment — which resembled still photos taken inside the bank — convinced investigators that they had identified the perpetrator, police said.

See, this is what kills me - beyond the corruption of government - when I come across a case where the prosecutor has withheld or destroyed exculpatory evidence, or engaged in some other shenanigan to try to get an edge.

The vast majority of these people convict themselves. But they'll play their games even if the guy is obviously going down hard.
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