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This Traitor Teamed With ‘Death To America’ Mullahs While Turning His Back On America​


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Jan 29, 2015
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Profiles in Treason: John Kerry –
This Traitor Teamed With ‘Death To America’ Mullahs While Turning His Back On America​

– If the Logan Act is not implemented, perhaps treason proceedings would be more appropriate -​… Once again, losing presidential candidate, failed Secretary of State and the main proponent of the disastrous Iran Deal is attempting to make himself relevant. John Kerry, a charter member of the Deep State under Obama, continues to operate as if the electorate of this country did not elect Donald Trump as the President. Delusional in every aspect, Kerry feels he is still Secretary of State and is conducting shadowy, illegal foreign policy that he can neither impose or perform.... Progressive socialists and Deep State used the Logan Act to criminalize Gen. Miike Flynn because he contacted a foreign government while putting together his part of this administration. This is appropriate for any incoming Presidential administration but was still used as a threat against Flynn.

It's not about the end result. It's about scaring people, the process of being investigated not knowing if you will go to jail is the punishment. Bankrupting people with legal fees is the punishment.
So what Kerry is a crook, he knows he won't go to jail, he would just sit there and say, I don't remember 300x and nothing would happen and he knows it. So he wouldn't suffer. We all must remember that there has been a corruption of Justice in America. Progressive SDA Democrat Leftist Elitists can violate the laws of the land and not face prosecution. They've become the oligarchy of America.
The evidence has become clear. "Will John Kerry be charged with foreign lobbying violations?" Will James Comey be charged with lying to Congress? Will Robert Mueller be charged with destroying evidence? Will Rosenstein be charged with lying to the FISA Court? Will Hillary be charged with treason and violations of National Security and Sedition Laws? Will the proverbial snowball finally make it in Hell? My money is on the snowball.
Sigh... not this again.
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